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Felt »The All-Rounder«.

All myfelt rugs and home accessories are made of the natural material wool felt, which is made exclusively from wool fibres. The wool felt used by myfelt is therefore free of synthetic fibres such as polyacrylic, polyester and polyamide. Since wool felt is a natural material, many other positive properties go hand in hand with it. In addition to its pleasant natural feel, the felt from myfelt is made of 100% pure virgin sheep's wool and is therefore completely free of harmful substances and, thanks to the deliberately chosen traditional production method, free of any solvents.

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Plesantly Soft - myfelt Rugs Made from 100% Virgin Wool

The thermoregulation properties of wool felt are particularly popular with myfelt rugs and myfelt felt seats. Wool and the wool felt made from it are excellent heat insulators and also store ambient heat. So even the first step out of bed onto a myfelt felt rug leads to a warm start to the day.

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Naturally good properties

Wool felt naturally has water-repellent properties due to the wool fat content and the resulting lanolin effect. Therefore, all myfelt products such as rugs, accessories and felt baskets can also be used in the bathroom without any issues. Wool felt also has a positive effect on the moisture balance in the room. Another advantage: wool felt - whether rolled flat or in the form of felt balls - also impresses with its particularly dirt-repellent properties. Furthermore, wool felt is colourfast, antistatic and flame retardant. Compared to other international manufacturers, myfelt products have the highest wool density, which results in particularly high-quality and robust living room accessories. Years of use and enjoyment are guaranteed.

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Room acoustics

Wool felt rugs have been proven to optimise room acoustics, and whether laid or hanging on the wall, have a sound- and noise-absorbing effect. myfelt rugs as natural acoustic absorbers not only fill the various living spaces with a noticeably natural feel-good atmosphere, but also reduce the noise level. It is therefore no wonder that myfelt felt ball carpets made of wool felt are not only used in living areas, but also in the professional sector.