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The materials – wool of the highest standard

myfelt rugs and all other felt ball products are made 100% out of pure, sheared wool. The raw materials – the pure wool – come from New Zealand sheep. Across the entire world, they are considered the most valuable of their kind. The original materials offer durability and quality of the highest standard.

Combing & Dyeing

At the beginning of the process, the pure wool is carded at our manufactory in Nepal, meaning the fibers are aligned to create a uniform pile. This is then washed repeatedly. Afterwards, it receives its final character from the Label STEP® Fair Trade certified dyeing process – colored according to strict ecological guidelines.


The following felting process is the most sophisticated of all: in several steps, each felt ball is formed by hand with great precision and care.


Afterwards, the felt balls are connected to each other using our specially developed knotting process. The result is a myfelt product of the best craftsmanship: a carpet with up to 50,000 hand-sewn felt balls.